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Sweet cameltoe spotted on the beach

March 2016
Voyeur did so many circles around this teen girl on the beach that I’m starting to wonder how he didn’t alarm the entire beach by his suspicious behavior. He didn’t so instead of a manhunt on the voyeur, we get to see amazing closeup shots of this fantastic teen … Continue Reading

Teen girl secretly inspected in full

March 2016
It is just amazing how great this teen girl looks and how much she caught the voyeur’s eye to snap so many sneaky shots to show off all the finesse of her delicious young body. He zoomed in on her from a safe distance while she was relaxing on … Continue Reading

Voyeur saw teens resting on the street

March 2016
Voyeur spotted some tired tourist girls that wanted to rest and relax from a long city tour so these teen girls just lied down in front of a monument on a city square. Sun worked as voyeur’s ally because it pretty much made them close their eyes as they … Continue Reading

Tight ass voyeured in the supermarket

March 2016
I forgot my shopping list as soon as I saw this firm teenage butt in those green shorts that fitted her like a glove. She was idling near the frozen goods section when I saw her first and the closeness of her sweet ass warmed me in an instant. … Continue Reading

Upskirt of a shaved pussy in the club

March 2016
After seeing some panties in upskirts at this nightclub, I stumbled onto this curly haired babe while she danced. Needless to say, I saw her shaved pussy without panties in her lovely upskirt and I started doing circles around her to see more. Her vagina is completely hairless, as … Continue Reading

Upskirt of a lovely girl in the city bus

March 2016
This sure wasn’t a boring ride, with such a sweet girl sitting in the bus across me. She had those big sunglasses on her eyes so I couldn’t clearly see her eyes but I still managed to time my voyeur photographing while she wasn’t looking. She kept her legs … Continue Reading

Top 5 Hot Girls In Too Short Miniskirts

March 2016
Whoever invented the infamous miniskirt for women should get some kind of a nobel prize for world voyeurism. Sexy girls in miniskirts are looking adorable and it’s super easy to see upskirt when they walk by. You just wait for them to do something silly, like leaning, sitting down … Continue Reading

Top 5 Bikini Pussy Cameltoes

March 2016
Cameltoe is the next best thing to seeing a naked pussy of a total stranger and as such, we all highly appreciate their hot sudden appearance. I personally value such a sight on the beach or by the pool because it makes me feel alive to know that I … Continue Reading

Shorts voyeur

March 2016
Hot pants, tight shorts, jeans shorts or just shorts. Call them whatever you like but you know they are a special treat for any voyeur. Fact is, girls find them practical and they wear them everywhere, from discotheques and street walks all the way to home wear for around … Continue Reading

Drunk girl voyeur

March 2016
It’s super easy to voyeur upon a drunk girl in any situation, location or scenario. They are just super relaxed and they let their innner slut get out of them so if there is booze involved at some point, pop your phone camera out and just wait for it … Continue Reading

Nightclub voyeur

March 2016
First of all, I’d like to point out you’re never too old for good fun in the nightclubs. Rule of the thumb is simple, when you’re young you rely on good looks to score with women, when you’re older you rely on your money to pick up gold diggers … Continue Reading

Sex voyeur

March 2016
Voyeur seeing real sex going on in front of him will probably feel the rush in that moment even greater than if he is the one that’s doing the fucking. Sex, as you know, is everywhere and happens all the time. By that same logic, it shouldn’t and mustn’t … Continue Reading

Girl noticed the voyeur and gave up

February 2016
Voyeur was locked and ready in this improvised parking lot next to the beach and he found a gorgeous target for some spying. Sexy brunette came over to change her bikini next to a car and he started peeping on her and snapping photos right away. Problem was, he … Continue Reading

Voyeur’s fun with a drunk girl hookup

February 2016
This usually happens to men but seems like girls aren’t an exception either. He picked her up at a sleazy bar they hooked up so they went to his apartment together. Down point of this story is that she was so wasted that she instantly dropped on the bed. … Continue Reading
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