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Street Prostitute Voyeur

February 2016
Voyeuring on street prostitutes can be loads of fun, next best thing to fucking them I’d say. These street walking whores are usually easy to recognize and they hang out in well known spots to advertise their goods. Take a stroll, conceal and carry your camera and have fun. … Continue Reading

Downblouse Voyeur

February 2016
Beauty of woman’s breasts is a thing that’s sung in songs, placed in history books and even wars have been led because of them, and let’s face it, we can’t get enough of squishy, big or small boobs to look at, feel up or even suckle on. That’s where … Continue Reading

Whale tail voyeur

January 2016
Statistically speaking, seeing a whale tail extending itself from a woman’s back is occurring way more often than you’ll actually see real whales swimming in the ocean. Unless you’re some harpoon loving whale hunter that lives near the coast. So what is a whale tail? Whale tail is that … Continue Reading

Workplace voyeur

January 2016
I think all of us have at least once worked with one or more female coworkers and I’m quire sure sexual attraction appeared at some point, at least to some degree. I worked quite a few jobs in my life and I know how much blue balls those bitches … Continue Reading

Window peeping voyeur

January 2016
Lets face it, we all want and need to see what girls are doing at home and how they spend their private moments when fully relaxed in their comfort zone of their houses and apartments. Window peeping was born because of the whole need to satisfy that curiosity when … Continue Reading

Car voyeur

January 2016
Driving accidents aren’t the only accidents women can have when it comes to cars. Sexy accidents are way better from the voyeur perspective and we all love seeing how they accidentally show off their asses, pussies or tits, all coming from being a clumsy female in a vehicle. Doesn’t … Continue Reading

Cameltoe voyeur

January 2016
My voyeur senses are tingling whenever I notice a hot girl’s cameltoe forming in front of too tight piece of clothing, as if it makes me remember that life is all about getting pussy in all shapes and forms and in any method applicable. Ah yes, if I haven’t … Continue Reading

Blowjob voyeur

January 2016
Sexual thrill coming from fear of getting caught doing something nasty in public works well in combination with a sloppy blowjob, specially if a girl is slutty enough to provide a sucking service out of the house and far away from her comfort zone. Lets face it, anyone that … Continue Reading

Girls getting fingered voyeur

January 2016
It isn’t so often but a voyeur will ever now and then get to witness a some hot pussy fingering, discreet or in a semi public place and it looks so good to secretly observe it that it’s prone to produce instant boners. Horny girls enjoy getting off from … Continue Reading

Butt crack voyeur

January 2016
Just like any voyeur, specially a butt loving one in general, I love seeing a nice girl’s butt crack getting flashed in front of me, without the girl even realizing it. After all, a good looking ass crack is like seeing a road to a very sweet place, right? … Continue Reading

Top 5 Upskirts of women without panties

January 2016
Here is the top five upskirt photos of women wearing no panties under their short skirts. All of these are caught accidentally or by a voyeur that simply aimed for an uspkirt and then the surprise followed when the discovery was made that the hot lady that got upskirted … Continue Reading

Cameltoe and tight ass of a cross fit girl

January 2016
Don’t know if I ever mentioned it but I’m a big fan and a¬†supporter of female sports, specially if it involves tight female bodies doing stuff that requires them to bend down, poke their asses or such flexibility related activities. Cross fitness if becoming more and more popular so … Continue Reading

Beach sex voyeur

January 2016
Beaches are a common spot to have sex in since dawn of time. Couple are having sex in the water, in the shallows, in the hidden spots of secluded beaches or even out in the open, careless and care free if anyone sees them or not. Sex on the … Continue Reading

Commuter voyeur

January 2016
If you commute to work by public transportation, then I must presume you already are a voyeur, deep down in your soul. You might admit it or not but you’re eye goggling those fine women in the same train or bus as you, just to pass the time and … Continue Reading

Busted voyeur

January 2016
Busted voyeurism or voyeurs busting on someone is probably my favorite thing to see, do or experience in any other form. There is something so pretty in a half naked woman that tries to hide herself while being shocked and startled at the same time. If they are intentional, … Continue Reading

Bikini accident voyeur

January 2016
When beaches are crowded and there is a nice ratio of women on them, bikini accidents will be happening all around you, you just have to be quick and vigilant to see and potentially film them all. Conceal your camera in the towel, get a cold beverage and wait … Continue Reading
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