Commuter voyeur

January 2016
If you commute to work by public transportation, then I must presume you already are a voyeur, deep down in your soul. You might admit it or not but you’re eye goggling those fine women in the same train or bus as you, just to pass the time and … Continue Reading

Busted voyeur

January 2016
Busted voyeurism or voyeurs busting on someone is probably my favorite thing to see, do or experience in any other form. There is something so pretty in a half naked woman that tries to hide herself while being shocked and startled at the same time. If they are intentional, … Continue Reading

Bikini accident voyeur

January 2016
When beaches are crowded and there is a nice ratio of women on them, bikini accidents will be happening all around you, you just have to be quick and vigilant to see and potentially film them all. Conceal your camera in the towel, get a cold beverage and wait … Continue Reading

Attention whore voyeur

January 2016
Attention whores are probably the easiest target for voyeuring, because they crave to be seen and will almost always do something incredibly stupid that borderlines with sexy. Attention whores are easy to manipulate into doing sexy stuff or showing off so keep that in mind if you know one … Continue Reading

Accidental Nudity Voyeur

January 2016
You don’t really have to be a voyeur to enjoy accidental nudity when it happens, but a voyeur will make sure to see the most of it by being ready and anticipating it. When a voyeur sees a girl with a high cleavage dancing, he’ll be ready to film … Continue Reading

Top 5 girls in hot shorts by a voyeur

January 2016
This was mega hard to pick out because pretty much every woman that even dares to wear shorts is most likely a nine out of ten when it comes to rating their beauty. Still, some girls look better than others and I prepared my voyeur collection and picked out … Continue Reading

Stunning girls in matching short skirts

January 2016
There was some kind of a family gathering or at least so it seems and a keen voyeur’s eye noticed two gorgeous chicks in almost matching short black skirt and white blouse outfit. Classy for a family event and still incredibly sexy to see, specially considering they are both … Continue Reading

Boobs voyeur

January 2016
Oh, those sweet, gentle mounds of flesh on female bodies! If you never held one in your hand, you know you want to try it and if you did, you want to feel up each and every one of them you encounter. Well, besides getting lucky and actually nailing … Continue Reading

Dressing voyeur

January 2016
Voyeuring on girls that are getting dressed (or even better undressed) is perhaps one of the few epitomes of real voyeuring. The principle sounds simple. Voyeur knows where the girls are taking their clothes off and wants to see it but it is somewhat more complex to do it nicely. … Continue Reading

Beach voyeur

January 2016
Beach voyeur is (surprisingly) the one that films all those hot girls in bikinis, topless or even secretly from far away when his target is one of those special isolated beaches where people come to swim and sunbathe fully naked. I’ll take a presumption you’ve been to the beach … Continue Reading

Welcome to the best real voyeur website

January 2016
With internet overwhelmed with boring porn, I felt the need to showcase something awesome and interesting, both from porn and originality standpoint. Voy7 was born and I intend to show you all that there is a voyeur lurking in each and every one of us, as well as showing … Continue Reading