Hot girl busted the voyeur spying her ass

April 2016
Seems like these two girl friends were walking home from the beach and you’ll soon realize why I was tailing them and snapping photos until the situation occurred and stopped me. It is seriously hard to decide which one of these two long haired beauties was more appealing from … Continue Reading

Young milf’s ass spotted by a voyeur

April 2016
This young milf was having a fun time with her family on the beach and I noticed her when she was lying down in a sand hole someone dug out and it was halfway filled with water. Despite the fact it looked kind of muddy around her, just because … Continue Reading

Gorgeous hippie girl is simply amazing

April 2016
Honestly, this hippie festival thing isn’t exactly my type of thing. It’s pretty much a bunch of alternative people camping around, getting drunk (and such) while listening to loud rock music and gathering up on concerts as well as gladly participating in mosh pits. Still, seeing such a delicate … Continue Reading

Top 5 closeup shots of asses in tights

February 2016
You know that feeling when you’re standing close to a girl in tights and you don’t even have to try hard to imagine how her ass would look naked because it’s easy to see it already? Then that familiar tingling feeling as you start developing a boner from looking … Continue Reading

Window peeping voyeur

January 2016
Lets face it, we all want and need to see what girls are doing at home and how they spend their private moments when fully relaxed in their comfort zone of their houses and apartments. Window peeping was born because of the whole need to satisfy that curiosity when … Continue Reading

Top 5 girls in hot shorts by a voyeur

January 2016
This was mega hard to pick out because pretty much every woman that even dares to wear shorts is most likely a nine out of ten when it comes to rating their beauty. Still, some girls look better than others and I prepared my voyeur collection and picked out … Continue Reading