Tights Voyeur

November 2016
Girls and women love wearing them for comfort and men love watching how they squeeze their ass and legs to the point where it’s easy to see what kind of a sexy figure they have. Yes, I’m talking about tights, also known as yoga pants or tight leggings. Serious … Continue Reading

Naked ass accidentally seen up shorts

October 2016
I love hanging out at fitness places and even conventions because I get to see all those smoking hot sporty babes that frequent such places and this time I witnessed some accidental nudity while they were explaining the proper way to do the sideways plank exercise. That hot blonde … Continue Reading

Jeans Voyeur

September 2016
There is two kinds of girls in jeans and we all enjoy seeing both of them. First kind is those that use jeans to show off their lower body perfection and the other kind is those that use it to hide their imperfection. All in all, jeans are a … Continue Reading

Sport Voyeur

September 2016
Sport is something majestic and I’m not even talking about health benefits, competitions or world records in this or that. I’m actually talking about female sports and careful observation of the best ever fitness asses you can imagine, while they struggle to achieve their victory on the field. If … Continue Reading

Drunk friend trips in the hotel corridor

August 2016
Girls party night out in the clubs was coming to an end and they were all going back to the hotel. They were all drunk and giggly and the first one that went in front of everybody, tripped and fell in the hotel corridor. She was smiling¬†and giggling while … Continue Reading

See thru clothes voyeur

July 2016
True sex appeal is neatly hidden, with just a dash of it showing, as voyeurs, we’re well aware of it. One of the ways that subtle dash of curves and sexiness can be shown or flaunted is with light fabric or better said, see thru clothing pieces that many … Continue Reading

Bikini Voyeur

April 2016
I love the beach. You love the beach. Sexy girls love the beach. I love sexy girls. See where I’m going with this? Undisputed top spot for a voyeur to be is the beach, plain and simple. That pretty much means you should grab a towel, your phone (that … Continue Reading

Top 5 closeup shots of asses in tights

February 2016
You know that feeling when you’re standing close to a girl in tights and you don’t even have to try hard to imagine how her ass would look naked because it’s easy to see it already? Then that familiar tingling feeling as you start developing a boner from looking … Continue Reading

Butt crack voyeur

January 2016
Just like any voyeur, specially a butt loving one in general, I love seeing a nice girl’s butt crack getting flashed in front of me, without the girl even realizing it. After all, a good looking ass crack is like seeing a road to a very sweet place, right? … Continue Reading

Cameltoe and tight ass of a cross fit girl

January 2016
Don’t know if I ever mentioned it but I’m a big fan and a¬†supporter of female sports, specially if it involves tight female bodies doing stuff that requires them to bend down, poke their asses or such flexibility related activities. Cross fitness if becoming more and more popular so … Continue Reading

Top 5 girls in hot shorts by a voyeur

January 2016
This was mega hard to pick out because pretty much every woman that even dares to wear shorts is most likely a nine out of ten when it comes to rating their beauty. Still, some girls look better than others and I prepared my voyeur collection and picked out … Continue Reading

Beach voyeur

January 2016
Beach voyeur is (surprisingly) the one that films all those hot girls in bikinis, topless or even secretly from far away when his target is one of those special isolated beaches where people come to swim and sunbathe fully naked. I’ll take a presumption you’ve been to the beach … Continue Reading