Teens sunbathing their ass cheeks

December 2016
I love camping in the nature, specially if I’m surrounded with teen girls doing the same. I strolled by around the camp and found these three youngsters lying down and subnathing, with two of them doing it in their underwear, with those amazing young bubble butts in full view. … Continue Reading

Exhibitionism Voyeur

November 2016
Exhibitionism is all about attracting attention on yourself, usually in a sexual or should we say naughty manner. There is all kinds of attention whores of the sexy kind that will jump on the opportunity to misbehave and to flirt with you in public, most often by revealing bits … Continue Reading

Voyeur saw teens resting on the street

March 2016
Voyeur spotted some tired tourist girls that wanted to rest and relax from a long city tour so these teen girls just lied down in front of a monument on a city square. Sun worked as voyeur’s ally because it pretty much made them close their eyes as they … Continue Reading

Nightclub voyeur

March 2016
First of all, I’d like to point out you’re never too old for good fun in the nightclubs. Rule of the thumb is simple, when you’re young you rely on good looks to score with women, when you’re older you rely on your money to pick up gold diggers … Continue Reading

Accidental Nudity Voyeur

January 2016
You don’t really have to be a voyeur to enjoy accidental nudity when it happens, but a voyeur will make sure to see the most of it by being ready and anticipating it. When a voyeur sees a girl with a high cleavage dancing, he’ll be ready to film … Continue Reading

Stunning girls in matching short skirts

January 2016
There was some kind of a family gathering or at least so it seems and a keen voyeur’s eye noticed two gorgeous chicks in almost matching short black skirt and white blouse outfit. Classy for a family event and still incredibly sexy to see, specially considering they are both … Continue Reading