Drunk girl’s naked pussy in upskirt

December 2016
This was secretly photographed by a voyeur that was on a private party, when he stepped outside with a few people to relax from the loud music. They were all sitting on the stairs and that sexy woman forgot herself, or to say it directly, she forgot she isn’t … Continue Reading

Big boobs of teen girl doing sit ups

December 2016
I’ve managed to combine my fitness knowledge and voyeurism into these masterpiece photos. You wonder how? Well, I was the one to instruct this awesome busty girl in how to properly do sit ups and I even sat there next to her and counted her reps. Needless to say, … Continue Reading

Jeans Voyeur

September 2016
There is two kinds of girls in jeans and we all enjoy seeing both of them. First kind is those that use jeans to show off their lower body perfection and the other kind is those that use it to hide their imperfection. All in all, jeans are a … Continue Reading

Ginger schoolgirl spied during class

March 2016
Know the feeling (or at least remember it), when you’re in class during long school or college days and the professor could be speaking just about anything but your mind is totally absent from the lecture, just because of that beautiful classmate you have a crush on? You don’t … Continue Reading

Upskirt of a lovely girl in the city bus

March 2016
This sure wasn’t a boring ride, with such a sweet girl sitting in the bus across me. She had those big sunglasses on her eyes so I couldn’t clearly see her eyes but I still managed to time my voyeur photographing while she wasn’t looking. She kept her legs … Continue Reading