Drunk young girl half naked on a party

January 2017
I’m fascinated when teens drink so much they lose their moral compass. This young slut got so wasted that she lifted her skirt up to reveal a sheer thong and then she removed her top so he could jiggle her boobs while dancing to the music. Beauty of it … Continue Reading

Exhibitionism Voyeur

November 2016
Exhibitionism is all about attracting attention on yourself, usually in a sexual or should we say naughty manner. There is all kinds of attention whores of the sexy kind that will jump on the opportunity to misbehave and to flirt with you in public, most often by revealing bits … Continue Reading

Drunk girl voyeur

March 2016
It’s super easy to voyeur upon a drunk girl in any situation, location or scenario. They are just super relaxed and they let their innner slut get out of them so if there is booze involved at some point, pop your phone camera out and just wait for it … Continue Reading

Street Prostitute Voyeur

February 2016
Voyeuring on street prostitutes can be loads of fun, next best thing to fucking them I’d say. These street walking whores are usually easy to recognize and they hang out in well known spots to advertise their goods. Take a stroll, conceal and carry your camera and have fun. … Continue Reading

Whale tail voyeur

January 2016
Statistically speaking, seeing a whale tail extending itself from a woman’s back is occurring way more often than you’ll actually see real whales swimming in the ocean. Unless you’re some harpoon loving whale hunter that lives near the coast. So what is a whale tail? Whale tail is that … Continue Reading