Wet girl accidentally shows naked pussy

June 2017
I’ve actually started snapping photos like a mad voyeur beacuse her puffy nipples were visible through her thin glossy bikini top. She just got out of water and she enjoyed a cold beer while still soaking wet and drying out in the warm summer breeze. I was chilling as … Continue Reading

Tights Voyeur

November 2016
Girls and women love wearing them for comfort and men love watching how they squeeze their ass and legs to the point where it’s easy to see what kind of a sexy figure they have. Yes, I’m talking about tights, also known as yoga pants or tight leggings. Serious … Continue Reading

Girls getting fingered voyeur

January 2016
It isn’t so often but a voyeur will ever now and then get to witness a some hot pussy fingering, discreet or in a semi public place and it looks so good to secretly observe it that it’s prone to produce instant boners. Horny girls enjoy getting off from … Continue Reading

Boobs voyeur

January 2016
Oh, those sweet, gentle mounds of flesh on female bodies! If you never held one in your hand, you know you want to try it and if you did, you want to feel up each and every one of them you encounter. Well, besides getting lucky and actually nailing … Continue Reading