Accidental nudity in the water

November 2016
When big waves started hitting the shore, bunch of people rushed in to enjoy it in the shallow water, some even clothed. They just didn’t want to miss out on the thrills and joys of tossing around in waves. Tanned girl was my point of interest there and she … Continue Reading

Voyeur gets closer for a better upskirt

July 2016
Guys were standing all around the two girls that took a moment for some rest on the grass near the road and you can guess what attracted the voyeur to start photographing like a madman. That smiling beauty figured no one will see her white panties in an upskirt … Continue Reading

Gorgeous hippie girl is simply amazing

April 2016
Honestly, this hippie festival thing isn’t exactly my type of thing. It’s pretty much a bunch of alternative people camping around, getting drunk (and such) while listening to loud rock music and gathering up on concerts as well as gladly participating in mosh pits. Still, seeing such a delicate … Continue Reading

Top 5 Upskirts of women without panties

January 2016
Here is the top five upskirt photos of women wearing no panties under their short skirts. All of these are caught accidentally or by a voyeur that simply aimed for an uspkirt and then the surprise followed when the discovery was made that the hot lady that got upskirted … Continue Reading

Top 5 girls in hot shorts by a voyeur

January 2016
This was mega hard to pick out because pretty much every woman that even dares to wear shorts is most likely a nine out of ten when it comes to rating their beauty. Still, some girls look better than others and I prepared my voyeur collection and picked out … Continue Reading