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November 2016
This yummy redhead was so sure she is in the secluded part of the beach that she didn’t even bother with fully wrapping herself up while she was changing from a wet bikini. Voyeur was silently watching her from above angle and he immediately noticed her entire naked ass … Continue Reading

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April 2016
Seems like these two girl friends were walking home from the beach and you’ll soon realize why I was tailing them and snapping photos until the situation occurred and stopped me. It is seriously hard to decide which one of these two long haired beauties was more appealing from … Continue Reading

Top 5 schoolgirl asses in the classroom

April 2016
Do you remember those popular girls from your high school class that knew how hot they look and they flaunted it, voluntarily and without intention, at all times? Now, think even harder and remember those that were constantly bending over in the classroom, as if they don’t know all … Continue Reading

Hot store clerk got a tight ass

March 2016
I bet this was just a part time job for her and that they are paying her a low salary for assisting the shoppers in this big clothing store. She looked a bit sad and depressed while during her work hours but she sure fixed my mood like no … Continue Reading

Schoolgirl passes by a street voyeur

March 2016
What does a real voyeur do when a gorgeous girl passes him by on the street? Well, this voyeur did the right thing and he brought us amazing shots of a hot schoolgirl while she was getting back from lectures with her arms full of books. Ignore the fucking … Continue Reading

Cameltoe and tight ass of a cross fit girl

January 2016
Don’t know if I ever mentioned it but I’m a big fan and a¬†supporter of female sports, specially if it involves tight female bodies doing stuff that requires them to bend down, poke their asses or such flexibility related activities. Cross fitness if becoming more and more popular so … Continue Reading