Jeans Voyeur

September 2016
There is two kinds of girls in jeans and we all enjoy seeing both of them. First kind is those that use jeans to show off their lower body perfection and the other kind is those that use it to hide their imperfection. All in all, jeans are a … Continue Reading

Street Voyeur

August 2016
Welcome to the streets, yo. All right, enough gangsta talk. What you want to do is to have a phone with good video capabilities ready at all times when you’re cruising for some sexy lady bits. They are all around you and the hottest of them all need to … Continue Reading

Creepshot of a teen girl in tiny shorts

June 2016
Stalking and making creepshots of this tourist girl was a very sweet thing to see. I kept thinking about two things, how I’d love to fuck her and if those shorts are itching her butt crack because they are so deep inside of it. She even had to adjust … Continue Reading

Hot girl busted the voyeur spying her ass

April 2016
Seems like these two girl friends were walking home from the beach and you’ll soon realize why I was tailing them and snapping photos until the situation occurred and stopped me. It is seriously hard to decide which one of these two long haired beauties was more appealing from … Continue Reading

Gorgeous hippie girl is simply amazing

April 2016
Honestly, this hippie festival thing isn’t exactly my type of thing. It’s pretty much a bunch of alternative people camping around, getting drunk (and such) while listening to loud rock music and gathering up on concerts as well as gladly participating in mosh pits. Still, seeing such a delicate … Continue Reading